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You will find information on how to configure and manage e-mail accounts for your OpenAccess WebHosting service here.? Note that this section is only for webhosting e-mail.? If you get e-mail at an?, please view?OpenAccess E-Mail.? Otherwise click any option below to view more information.


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Changing a user password

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Tips & Tricks

Setting up a web based contact form

FormMail is a very popular method of emailing the contents of a form to a user. It is relatively easy to set up and does its job well.

However, one thing about FormMail is the numerous exploits that have come about since its use. Spammers have found security holes in previous versions and this allows them to send mail through whatever server the account is set up on.

Since we have a very strict anti spam policy, we cannot allow our users to use their own FormMail scripts. We ask that you use the server-wide FormMail script. This way, if there are any exploits found on this version of FormMail, you will not be held accountable. We periodically check the servers for insecure FormMail scripts.

If you have a need for a customized FormMail script, and you have one available, you or your web designer may install it.? However, we will not assume any responsibility if there is a security breach and in the past, we have occassionally had to disable customer mail forms and/or their websites when they have been targeted by spammers.

One drawback of using the server-wide FormMail script, is that you must send the contents of the form to an address that is on your domain name.? If for, for some reason, you need the mail sent to an off site email address, you can set up an E-Mail Forwarder to forward any mail to a particular address to your off-site email address. You would then use the forwarder address as your recipient in your form.


You must use the server-wide formmail, unless another version has been approved by us. This helps to insure that no spam is being sent using insecure formmail scripts on the server.
If you already have scripts that utilize formmail, you will need to change them so that the ACTION parameter in the FORM tag to read as /cgi-sys/

If you are familiar with Matt's FormMail script, most of the options that are available in that FormMail are available in the server-wide formmail. However, the script is not the same. The server-wide FormMail was developed by CPanel Developers. Please do not try to contact the support team for Matt's FormMail concerning any issues.

All you need to setup formmail, is to create your form. A very simple form might look like:
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=recipient>
Enter your Name: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=name><br>

The only real requires in order to get FormMail to work properly is the ACTION=/cgi-sys/ and <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=recipient>. Where is an email address you have set up on your domain.

Another example of FormMail, which utilizes more of the special features is listed below:
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=recipient>
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=subject VALUE="This is a test form">
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=redirect VALUE=>
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=required VALUE="email,realname">
E-Mail Address: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=email><br>
Name: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=realname><br>
Favorite Color: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=color><br>

In this example, you will notice the same ACTION=/cgi-sys/ and <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=recipient>. There are other INPUT TYPE=hidden types are are listed below:
  • subject -- This defines what you want the subject of the email to be. Be sure to use the quotation marks if it is more than one word.
  • redirect -- This defines what page you want the visitor to be taken to, after successfully completing the form. You will need to specify the full URL.
  • required -- The parameter takes on a list of the required fields that must be filled out in order for the form to be processed.
  • email -- This is considered a special parameter, because this is who the form will appear that it was sent from. This is useful, because in most email clients, you will be able to hit a Reply button and send a message back to this email address without having to type it in.
  • realname -- This will appear along with the email parameter. Instead of the mail appearing to come from just the said email address, this name will appear to the email address. This allows for a more personalized touch when replying back to the address.
Again, these are not required to have a functioning form. The only requirements are that ACTION=/cgi-sys/ is in your FORM tag and <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=recipient> is listed below the opening FORM tag.

Whats New?

2010.11.01 Digital telephone & PBX services expanded
Over the summer of 2010 OpenAccess has rolled out digital telephone service for ourselves, affiliated companies and a few customers who were willing to be 'guinea pigs'.  Overall things went better than we expected and we are now opening up our digital telephone service plans to more customers.

2010.10.21 IPv6 Transition
OpenAccess will be having a mid range time line for adoption and implementation of IPv6.  As most people know who are reading this, there is a certain 'chicken & egg' problem with IPv6 in as much for any organization to move to IPv6 requires that other organizations have moved to IPv6.

2010.07.15 NAS.COM wholesale VPS and WebHosting services
This fall, OpenAccess will be re-purposing the '' domain name to provide VPS and WebHosting services, primarily wholesale to web developers. If you have an e-mail address, or a personal website located at, those services will continue be supported although we will not be accepting new accounts.

2010.02.22 Joomla auto install wizard now available.
Due to popular request, we now have a Joomla auto-installer available on our newer cPanel® servers.  This allows customers to quickly and easily install Joomla on their website.  The auto-installer is available under the 'site software' section in the administrative interface of your webhosting account.

2009.10.25 OpenAccess begins internal testing for Windows 2008 Server hosting solutions.
OpenAccess is happy to finally be able to announce that we are beginning internal testing of cPanelŽ/Enkompass as a platform for our customers to be able to deliver Windows(c) 2008 Server solutions on.

2007.09.26 Changes in paper billing system.
Effective January 1st 2008 we will be doing what most of our competitors have been doing for years and adding a $1.00 surcharge for paper invoices.

2007.05.30 New web servers in production.
In May we got two new web servers in production. These machines are based out of our facilities in Seattle and were needed as we have about hit capacity on our existing webhosting infrastructure.

2007.03.15 Additional nationwide and global network capacity added.
OpenAccess is glad to announce that we have put into production a new circuit providing us with direct Tier-1 nationwide and global Internet transport.

2007.01.17 Verizon DSL speed upgrades complete
Today we did the work to convert all NAS.COM customers over to our faster connection into Verizon. Everybody should be seeing performance increases.

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